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The Department of Heath, Western Australia, Pesticide Safety Section is responsible for all licencing of pesticide operators in Western Australia. There is a two-tiered system of licensing Pest Management Technicians in Western Australia. This system was designed to meet the requirements of industry, government and the community.

To work in the pest management industry for remuneration, a person must hold either a Provisional or Technician’s Licence. Where a person holds a licence they must be employed by a registered Pest Management Business or register their own business.

A Provisional holder may own a pest management business, or purchase an existing pest management business. However, they must employ a person who holds a Technician’s Licence, until such time as they obtain their own.

It is an offence to use any pesticide not notated on a pest manager’s licence.  Once a licence has been issued, only the pesticides endorsed on the licence may be applied. 

Licence and Firm Registration Fees

A fee* is payable by those who hold a Provisional and Technician’s licence. Licences are subject to annual renewal.
Both licences and business registrations may have ‘conditions’ of approval and are enforceable by law.

* Technician licence fees are currently set at $140 and $280 for pest management business registration. Fees are reviewed annually and subject to change without notice. For current fees contact Pesticide Safety.

Different categories of Full Licence exist, and set out clearly what areas of pest control the holder can work in.  A Technician’s Licence is restricted by endorsements depending on the qualifications the applicant has obtained.

All salespersons engaged in the pest management industry must be licensed. CPPPMT3006 – Manage pests by applying pesticides, or equivalent must be completed to gain a licence.
On successful completion of the module, an applicant may apply for a Technician’s licence, restricted to ‘sales’ only. This licence is restricted to providing advice on chemical use only. No handling, mixing or application of pesticides is permitted.


Provisional licence
A Provisional licence must be obtained prior to the application of registered pesticides for termite control and commercial/domestic pests. The unit CPPPMT3006 from the Property Services Training Package must be successfully completed in order to apply for a licence. The module is offered by a number of training providers which are listed at the back of this document.

Note: Completing the module does not mean that you are licensed; you must apply for a licence with the Pesticide Safety Section, Department of Health WA.

To apply for a licence you must:

Complete the approved application form, applying for a ‘Provisional’ licence and pay the licence fee.

Applicants must be over 17 years of age and be medically fit. Verification of this may be required.

For the first 30 working days after obtaining a Provisional licence, you must work under the personal supervision of a person who holds a Technician’s licence. This means that the person with a Technician’s licence must work directly alongside you at all times you are handling pesticides and must sign your log sheets.

Original log sheets for this period are to be forwarded to the Pesticide Safety. After the first 30 working days of you obtaining your Provisional licence you may work on your own, although receiving instructions and ongoing training from a person who holds a Technician’s licence. This person must be responsible for your work and must sign your log sheets/book showing the level of supervision you received until you gain your Technician’s licence.

Note: The log book completed by a provisional technician remains the property of the Provisional license holder.

A Provisional licence is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. An extension of a further 12 months may be granted in order to enable the license holder to complete the required competencies to obtain a Technician’s licence. A fee is payable to extend your licence passed its expiry date.

Note: Extensions are not automatically granted, written request stating reason(s) and evidence of training completed towards Certificate III Pest Management must be provided.

Technicians Licence
In order to be upgraded from Provisional to Technician’s licence, licence holders are required to complete the appropriate units of competencies at Certificate III level from the Pest Management Course.

Note: On completion of the required competencies, you must apply to Pesticide Safety for your licence to be upgraded. A copy of your qualifications or statement of attainment must be forwarded together with a copy of your log sheets/book (see above) if you have not already done so.

The use of Insectigas-D, active constituent Dichlorvos, also requires the completion of a course in the safe use of the product. The suppliers of the product, BOC Gases, offer a half day course.

Note: This course does not lead to a licence being issued.

The use of the highly toxic chemicals Sodium Fluoracetate (1080) and Strychnine for feral vertebrate control is controlled by a Section 24 Notice in the Poisons Act 1964 and two codes of practice. Compliance with both codes is a condition of licence and legally enforceable.

Note: Applicants must complete 13 Units of competency from the Cert III Vertebrate Pest Management course (AHC31810) or its equivalent. Please contact Pesticide Safety for a descriptor of the units to be completed or the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering the training. As the number of applicants each year requiring training is small in number, the course may only be offered either once or twice per annum, please check with the RTO for start dates.

Those wishing to obtain a licence to treat only power poles for termites are required to complete a specific course as required and provided by Western Power.

Note: Pre-requisites units are from the Property Services Training Package

CPPPMT3006 - Manage pests by applying pesticides
CPPPMT3018 - Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles

PLUS the completion of the Termite Treatment for Power Poles Course

The endorsement of Feral Pigeon control using the narcotic Alpha-Chloralose requires the completion of an approved course.

Note: The units below (or equivalence) are the pre-requisites for the control of Feral Pigeons.

AHCCHM303A - Prepare and Apply Chemicals,
AHCCHM304A - Transport, Handle and Store Chemicals, and
CPPPMT3005 - Manage pests without applying pesticides

Equivalence units include:

CPPPMT3005 - Manage pests without applying pesticides
CPPPMT3006 - Manage pests by applying pesticides
CPPPMT3018 - Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles

From the Property Services Training Package.

PLUS the completion of a Feral Pigeon Control Course.

It is a requirement that every person using a fumigant obtains a Technician licence with the endorsement of fumigation. Prior to attending an approved course a person must be medically fit. A medical certificate will be required to be submitted with all new licence applications.

A high standard is set to minimise hazards to fumigators, the environment and public health. A fumigation course covers the following units of competencies:

CPPPMT3011    Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments
CPPPMT3019    Organise and monitor pest management operations
CPPPMT3043    Prepare and present pest management proposals for complex or high risk operations
BSBSMB407       Manage a small team, and
Basic First Aid - Resuscitation

The type of fumigation activities a person is trained in will be reflected on the individuals licence, such as container, ship, sheet etc. Applicants are requested to ensure they receive the appropriate training in the area they wish to work in.

Completion of the competencies listed below is only for limited pesticides applications where small portable hand held operated sprayers (knapsack / back pack) are used to treat mainly weeds and other minor pests.

AHCCHM303 Prepare and Apply Chemicals

AHCCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals

AHCPMG301A Control Weeds

Note: Applicants who possess qualifications equivalent to the above listed competencies may be granted an exemption from completing further training.

To obtain a licence with the above endorsements the following minimum competencies must be successfully completed.

AHCCHM303 Prepare and Apply Chemicals

AHCCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals

AHCPMG301 Control Weeds

AHCPMG302 Control Plant Pests, Diseases and Disorders

AHCCHM402 Plan and Implement a Chemical Use Program These competencies are required to be completed where mechanical equipment is used to apply pesticides. Examples include boom spraying equipment including quad-bike mounted or air blast equipment.