Our aim is to help develop the standard of pest management within the industry and raise public awareness and perception of the vital need for well trained pest managers within our society. PEST aims to provide a quality service that consistently exceeds all our client’s needs and expectations. The organisational procedures implemented by PEST ensure that all activities, including training and consulting, are carried out to specified and documented arrangements to prevent unsatisfactory service to our clients.  Our goal is to continuously strive for quality improvement and identify the changing needs of our existing and potential clients in the current environment. Our positioning statement, “Providing the knowledge to help Pest Managers grow” reflects our commitment and goal to improve the level of professionalism in the pest management industry.

PEST’s service includes:
Personalised and friendly service
Forming and maintaining valued relationships
Continually improving our current courses
Continual professional development of staff
Designing and delivering new courses based on client demand
Being responsive to industry needs
Being flexible – offering a variety of courses, specific to our clients needs at the times they are required
Being involved in industry issues and concerns
Offering value for money

mark sheppard

Mark Sheppard

Mark is a fully licensed Pest Management Operator and Fumigator (Licence No. 3258), a qualified Certificate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor and has achieved competency in all units of the Asset Maintenance - Pest Management Training Package.  Mark is also qualified as a Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems. 

Prior to Mark’s involvement in the pest management industry, Mark was employed in various roles, gaining extensive experience in senior management, business development, national operations development and international business negotiations for over 25 years.

Marks expertise is based on the servicing and implementation of systems in commercial business, servicing of major corporate accounts, marketing and business development.  Mark has held the following memberships:

Retired Associate of the Australian Institute of Management

Retired Qualified Practising Insurance Broker

Retired Associate of the National Insurance Brokers Association

Retired Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Retired Associate of the Australian Insurance Institute

Retired Member of the Australian Institute of Risk Management

Mark has established, owned and managed a number of his own companies including;

ACMG Pty Ltd - Imported and sold construction machinery

Rocky Gully Saw Mills Pty Ltd - milling of Jarrah logs into railway sleepers and "select" timber, including exports to Japan.

EXIM Trade Pty Ltd - Imported from, and exported to, China.

Life at Nite Pty Ltd - hospitality, tourism and entertainment industry Internet marketing company established with Fiona Sheppard

Marks introduction to the Pest Management Industry occurred in 1998 when he was asked to manage and undertake the restructure of a large pest management group of companies.  In this capacity his duties included the complete restructure of all systems, including the design of new software and the installation of new computer equipment, new documentation, work place agreements, new work procedures, Quality Accreditation, implementation of a new accounting package and new debtor control systems. 

Mark was Executive Officer in Western Australia for the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association for twelve months commencing in October 2001.  Following this Mark founded our Pest Management consulting services.

Since 2006 Marks work has expanded to overseas and includes consulting, training and presentations at conferences in China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, United States and South Africa. 

Resultant of the above, Mark is often employed as an “industry expert” in disputes, legal actions and insurance claims and invited to speak at National and International Conferences.


Fiona has over 15 years experience in services marketing.  Fiona holds a Diploma of Teaching (Dip.Ed (Primary)) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).  Fiona completed major studies in Marketing and achieved the highest score in Business Strategy for her graduating year.  Fiona is a fully licensed Pest Management Operator (Licence No. 9422). She is a Registered Teacher (TRBWA Reg No. 33117296) and Workplace Trainer and Assessor. Fiona is qualified as a Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems. Fiona is responsible for managing administration of training and training materials to ensure they meet the standards set by the Australian Quality Training Framework.




Jack is currently a student and has been coding websites for many years.  He has developed his own websites and creates tutorials for other students on how to code. Jack manages survey data entry and analysis, AVETMISS reporting, the Pest Education Services & Training webiste and assists with other technical support.